Rhinoplasty Operation

Rhinoplasty Operation

What is Rhinoplasty Operation?

Rhinoplasty operation is a nose aesthetic operation to correct the nasal appearance of the nose that as a result; the nose fits the general facial structure and functions smoothly at the same time. This operation can be done on people who does not suffer from breathing problems. If the patient is suffering from functional problems as well as nasal deformity, septoplasty operation in addition to the rhinoplasty operation can also be done in our Rhinoplasty Istanbul Clinic.

Expectations Before the Rhinoplasty Operation

I certainly note my patients’ expectations when I decide to do the rhinoplasty operation. One of the most common requests is that “Have no one notice that I did rhinoplasty” Secondly, if the patient is suffering from respiratory problems, is that this problem gets solved. The general facial shape of Istanbul population is the general facial shape of Turkey. The fact that we don’t have a genetic structure with oversized, large nasal bone is our geographical luck. When we divide the face to 3 equal parts, our nose which is in the middle part gives our face the entire expression. Therefore, all the changes we do to this part are extremely important since they impact the facial expression directly. One of the best comments from my patients is that “No one understood that I did rhinoplasty” and “They only said that there is a change in your expression” Judging from my years of experience, I must say that I stand against the photoshop application. The tissue has no math in it, and therefore this application can cause over expectations for the patient. Photoshop is a program, after all, and you can easily create the most beautiful nose ever but that’s not the case for the tissue. Also, the cartilage and bone structure of the patient may not allow the changes that can be done with photoshop. This is why I think photoshop is just another method to convince the patient for surgery. Instead of that, the best way is to talk with the patient in detail, and to tell the patient what can be done for his/her nose and what may happen in front of the mirror. Another method is to show the patient the previous patients’ before&after photos with similar nasal structure, which will be the best explanation for the patient.

What is the Age Range for Rhinoplasty Operation?

Usually, the age range for rhinoplasty operation is between 18-35. If there is no severe health condition, we wait for the nasal and face development to end for the rhinoplasty operation. But for reasons such as respiratory problems, this age range can change. For Nose Aesthetic, psychological state of the patient is a very important factor in addition to the age and health condition factors.

Does Rhinoplasty Operation Have Any Risks?

Just like any surgical intervention, Nose Aesthetic Operation also has its risks. There are risks caused by general anesthesia as well as low probability risks such as bleeding and infection.

Things to be Careful About After Rhinoplasty Operation

It is enough to stay one night in the hospital after the operation. During the first night, our patient is quite comfortable thanks to the effects of anesthesia. Sleeping in their rooms and applying ice compression on their cheekbones is enough for the first night. Facial masks and other applications which are recommended in other clinics&hospitals just increase the total cost and of not much use and therefore not necessary. During the operation, if the nasal bone is broken with channel technique as I’ve stated in my previous articles, then not much swelling and bruising occurs on the face, eyes and under-eye bags. The patients can be discharged 1 day after the operation and I advise them to rest at home and continue their oral medication. Generally, my patients can start to act freely and handle daily tasks after the second day. The swelling on the eyes and under-eye bags increase on the second and third days and start to decrease at the end of the third day. We remove the silicon air pads we placed inside the nose usually on the fifth day. After that, I advise my patients to start using a physiologic nasal spray to wash inside their noses. On the 7th day, I remove the plaster and stitches. After that, my patients can return to their work as well as their daily routines.

Is Private Insurance Eligible for Rhinoplasty Operation?

You can use private insurance policies of insurance companies that we have agreement with. These are: Allianz, Axa, Groupama, Ergo, Inter Partner Assistance, Demir Hayat, CGM Compu Group, Eureko, ZiraatSigorta, Zurich Insurance, HDI Insurance, Generali Insurance, ACE European Insurance, Ankara AnonimSigorta, Ray Insurance, Türk-Nippon Insurance, Sompo Japan.

In Which Hospitals in Istanbul Rhinoplasty Operation is Being Done?

In accordance with the requests of our patients, we can do his/her operation in any of these hospitals that we have agreement with: TaksimAcıbadem Hospital, Istanbul Florence Nightingale and American Hospital.

Rhinoplasty Operation and Smoking

Just like most operations, smoking can impact the length of recovery after Rhinoplasty Operation. On average, we recommend our patients to quit smoking 1 week prior to the operation and 2 weeks after the operation.

Rhinoplasty Operation Prices

Since all our patients’ facial structure and demands are different, rhinoplasty operation prices can also differ. Therefore, pricing can only be decided after the primary examination.
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