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Rhinoplasty Turkey

What is nose aesthetics? Rhinoplasty is often called nose surgery or nose job. Rhinoplasty is a very sensitive operation. One of the most preferred facial aesthetic surgery in Turkey from rhinoplasty surgery. Aesthetic surgeons aim to get results that will last for the life of the patients with nasal aesthetic surgery. In addition, our clinic on rhinoplasty Turkey country inside has the best equipment necessary for rhinoplasty surgery.

rhinoplasty istanbul
rhinoplasty istanbul

Rhinoplasty İstanbul

The reasons for preferring the surgery are that the procedures are 100% successful and performed in a short time. Many patients after surgery to rhinoplasty happily return to the country from Turkey.

Our clinic is one of the best hospitals for rhinoplasty surgery not only in Istanbul but also in Turkey. Patients who admitted to being a nose job in Turkey are regarded in quite a good shape. surgery is done with appropriate medical clinics in the advanced technology found at the highest level in Turkey. Our team, working as a specialist in our rhinoplasty İstanbul hospital, behaves in a way that makes every patient feel good. All patient rooms have various facilities such as WIFI, TV, large bathrooms, air conditioning.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty or nasal surgery is a surgical operation performed to reshape the nasal skeleton. This surgery causes the structure of the nose to change. Thus, the function and shape of the nose improve. Some patients want to have rhinoplasty surgery to balance their facial features. Rhinoplasty surgery Nose plastic surgery requires a combination of quality care and medical procedures. surgery is planned in accordance with the patient’s expectations and requirements made in rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey.

Nose Surgery Approaches

What are the approaches to nose surgery? Rhinoplasty surgery means the improvement and development of respiratory tract function. Rhinoplasty surgery is the application of both aesthetic plastic and functional plastic surgery. These techniques are applied by a plastic surgeon. It is performed to improve or change certain anatomical parts of the nose. Since everyone’s nose structure is different, aesthetic operations are made by personalizing each patient. Aesthetic surgery operations are performed as open or closed depending on the application and range of vision. Rhinoplasty surgery is a surgical operation performed to change the shape of the nose.

Reasons for Rhinoplasty

The reasons for nasal aesthetics are as follows:

  • Repairing deformities caused by any accident or injury,
  • correction of birth defects,
  • correction and change of physical appearance,
  • improving breathing difficulties,
  • making breathing easier.

Rhinoplasty Turkey surgery is preferred in some patients due to both physical appearance and respiratory difficulties.

How is Rhinoplasty Surgery Performed?

Rhinoplasty surgery can replace the nasal bone, cartilage tissue of the nose, skin layer, or all three. While planning nasal aesthetics within the scope of rhinoplasty plastic surgery, the features of the people’s faces and what they want to change from their noses are taken into consideration. A personalized plan is made for the people who will have nasal surgery for nasal surgery.

However, there are various risks in rhinoplasty surgery. Risks such as bleeding and infection may occur in major rhinoplasty surgeries. In addition, symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, numbness around the nose, pain, discoloration, swelling, and scarring may occur. In such cases, additional surgery is performed. Before rhinoplasty, information about previous surgeries, medications used, or nasal congestion is obtained. If the patient has a bleeding disorder such as hemophilia, the patient may not be suitable for rhinoplasty surgery.

Before rhinoplasty surgery, the doctor performs blood tests, laboratory tests, and physical examinations. The doctor also examines the patient’s facial features and the internal and external structure of the nose. It evaluates physical properties such as cartilage endurance and skin thickness at the tip of the nose. Physical examination is very important to determine the effect of rhinoplasty surgery on the respiratory tract. In addition, photographs of the patient’s nose are taken. After the nose surgery, the patient is usually discharged from the hospital on the same day.

Nose surgeries are done in two ways:

  • Open Rhinoplasty,
  • Closed Rhinoplasty.

Closed Rhinoplasty Istanbul

In the closed rhinoplasty method, incisions are made on the nasal layer to reach the structure of the nose from different regions. The incisions are inside the nose, so the surgeon’s field of vision is less since the structure of the nose is not exposed. Plastic surgeons use an endoscope in the closed rhinoplasty method to increase the perspective. The closed rhinoplasty method is applied to correct and improve respiratory problems caused by irregularities such as protrusions in the nose asymmetrically shaped nostrils.

Open Rhinoplasty Istanbul

In this method, an incision is made at the junction between the nostrils, and surgery is performed. The most important advantage of this method is that it provides a superior visualization area to the plastic surgeon. Many components around the nasal bone and nasal cartilage are reshaped by removing nasal deformities such as shape, size, angle by applying open nose surgery. Thus, the desired nose shape is obtained.

Instructions to be done before rhinoplasty

Necessary instructions are given about what should be considered before the rhinoplasty surgery in order to obtain an effective result from the nose surgery and to ensure that the results are permanent. the most appropriate treatment for rhinoplasty in Turkey is planned. The photos before and after the surgery are shown to the patients so that they can understand what they want after the nose surgery. Consideration should be given several recommendations to shorten the recovery time during rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey. Therefore, it is very important to follow the plastic surgeon’s recommendations during the healing process after nose surgery. clinics equipped for rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey have facilities and professional surgeons.

rhinoplasty turkey
rhinoplasty turkey

Rhinoplasty cost in Istanbul – Turkey

Rhinoplasty surgery is a complex procedure. An experienced team reduces the possibility of complications. Therefore, a clinic that manages rhinoplasty with a highly reputable plastic surgeon at an affordable cost should be preferred. The price of rhinoplasty surgeries depends on the details of the treatment plans such as pre-operative anesthesia, examinations, and medications. Turkey in rhinoplasty, because no incentives for medical tourism are supported by the state, rhinoplasty surgery is quite an affordable cost. This is why many countries prefer to have nose surgery in Turkey.