Nose Job Turkey

Nose Job means rhinoplasty, and it is one of the most used plastic surgeons. The nose is always so important. Because of being the center of the face, it attracts attention easily. Everybody wants a beautiful nose. And nose job is especially for this. Nose job is done both a good nose and healthy nose. Because nose sometimes has problems about breath in or out. A nose job can be done in this situation, too. But it is generally done for esthetic beauty. A doctor factor is always so important for rhinoplasty. Because the doctor is not good at this job, results may not be satisfying. And this is so annoying situation for patients. Therefore, patients should search for a doctor for rhinoplasty. Some of the countries are not good at rhinoplasty. But, Turkey is so successful in rhinoplasty. This fame is known around the world. Therefore, people come to Turkey for nose plastic surgeon.

nose job turkey
nose job turkey

What Is Nose Job?

A nose job is a medical procedure. That procedure reshapes the nose skeleton and also soft tissues. The size and shape of the nose completely change the face. When People don’t satisfy with their noses, they can have low confidence and some emotional problems. Therefore so as to have a good nose, people want to be a rhinoplasty operation. Rhinoplasty is done in every country. But some of the countries like Turkey are surely good at rhinoplasty. Turkey has both experienced doctors and developed surgery things. So, people should prefer Turkey. Especially Istanbul is very good for a rhinoplasty. Istanbul is a developed city. And there are many options for a nose job. This is really a serious application. Because the doctor is not good at his/her job, some health issues may appear or you can have a bad nose which is not like you want. Before get making a rhinoplasty operation, you can definitely find doctors who are professional at this and hospitals that have experts by searching in Turkey. You can always see the people come to Istanbul from every part of the world for the nose job.

What Are Reasons For Rhinoplasty Surgeons?

Due to some reasons, people want rhinoplasty surgeons. And the most common reasons are like this for nose job;

Cosmetic reasons: This is the most common reason for the nose job. The nose shape can be big, wide, or narrow. And thanks to these, most of the people don’t like their noses. These are cosmetic reasons for nose job surgery.

Medical reasons: The other reason is medical. Because of health problems, a nose job can be done. And these health problems like this;

  • Deviated septum,
  • Difficulty breathing,
  • Rhinosinusitis.

If rhinoplasty surgery is done for a medical reason, this surgery is generally combined with cosmetic nose job surgery.

Some Results Of Rhinoplasty Surgery

Some results can obtain with rhinoplasty surgery. And these results are like this;

  • It improves your breathing,
  • It changes the shape or size of your nose,
  • It removes a bump in the nose,
  • It repairs a crooked nose,
  • It makes your nose wider or narrower,
  • It corrects many cosmetic issues.

And you have confidence in these results. As a clinic on nose job Turkey country’ inside, we offer these results for patients.

Who Can Be A Candidate For Rhinoplasty?

People can be a candidate for Rhinoplasty surgery at any age. Especially young patients want to be rhinoplasty surgery. Because teenagers give importance to a good appearance in their teenage time. So rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery for them. But doctors say that a nose has to be completely grown physically so as to be a nose job. For this process, age limits must be 14 for a young female, and 16 for a young male.

Process of Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery’s first step is preparation. Before the nose job surgery is done, the patient and doctor talk about the nose. Patients say their demands. Doctor and patient determine surgery. After the decision is given, nose photographs are taken by a doctor. The doctor sometimes can want blood tests from patients. And up to blood tests, the rhinoplasty surgery date is determined. The rhinoplasty surgery’s second step is operation. Surgery time can change depends on the nose situation. Nose job operation can take 90 or 180 minutes. Operation is done under general anesthesia. So, the patient doesn’t feel pain or anything during surgery. After the operation finished, the patient needs to rest. And the patient has tapes for 7 days. According to the nose job operation, the patient can go house on the same day. But in some cases, patients should stay one or two days in the hospital. The process of Rhinoplasty surgery is like this. But patients regularly need to go to the control in the days after the operation. As a clinic working on nose job Istanbul borders, we will be following your health situation regularly after the surgery.

Risks of Rhinoplasty Surgery

Every surgery has some risks. And rhinoplasty surgery has some risks and side effects. Before the surgery is done, the doctor says risks and side effects to the patient. Side effects of rhinoplasty surgery, such as;

  • Infection,
  • Bleeding,
  • Reaction to general anesthesia.

Besides the side effects of Rhinoplasty Surgery, There are some risks of surgery;

  • Swelling,
  • Numbness,
  • Permanent nerves damage,
  • Nosebleeds.

Why Is Istanbul Good For A Nose Job?

Many international patients prefer Turkey for a nose job. Istanbul is one of the world the best in nose job operations. There are many reasons for clinics in İstanbul being expert ones. The first one is expert surgeons. Especially in our clinic, rhinoplasty surgeons are done by an expert and experienced doctors. Our doctors are doing this job for years. And they are known for their success. The most important thing is the doctor for a nose job surgery. And our doctors are very successful. And the other factor is prices. Although we are very good at rhinoplasty surgeons, our prices are affordable for everybody, too. Especially It is more affordable than in Europe. We have a high-quality service for patients. Though having a high-quality service, prices are reasonable. It is done approximately 42.000 rhinoplasty  surgeries. This is evidence that we are good at this job. If you want to get make a rhinoplasty surgery, you should choose our clinic in Istanbul which is one of the bests on Nose Job Turkey country has.