Cheek Esthetics

Cheek esthetics, or ‘oars’ as we Americans tend to call them, is a very popular cosmetic surgery procedure. It has been around for over one hundred years, so you can be sure it has had plenty of time to become a staple in the beauty industry. One of the first practitioners of this procedure was an English doctor who called it ‘oars’. He suggested that the patient’s teeth be pulled back to give them a better looking smile. This was during the early days of liposuction, when it was still considered radical and a pretty lady with big lips could get no where.

The first cheek implants were made using metal and were simply meant to hold the area where your mouth begins to curve upward. Since then they have come a long way in their design, but there are still some commonalities between them and the modern day procedures. The first implants were either made from stainless steel, or similar, and were curved to fit properly. These days, the materials used are more common, and the process of making them is much easier, but the look remains the same.

What is Cheek Aesthetics?

Cheek esthetics is a cosmetic procedure that focuses on improving the looks of the cheeks by taking out some of the fatty tissue that surrounds them. This fat tends to be what gives you the ‘saggy’ look that you sometimes get around your mouth, and by taking out this tissue you can take care of the problem naturally. Most of the time, the fat is taken out using a technique known as lipoplasty, which involves removing the fatty fibers surgically.

Cheek enhancement will work if the areas of the face that you wish to improve have areas which are shaped like the letter “C”. The doctor will then use the procedure known as an endoluminal procedure. This type of procedure is usually not as aggressive as the one that utilizes the steel screw. This means that your skin does not have to be pulled away, which gives you a much smoother appearance overall. The procedure also tends to be less painful than that of an open cut, and is therefore considered to be safer overall for your body.

cheek aesthetics istanbul
cheek aesthetics istanbul

Before this operation, you’ll be put under general anesthesia, which should numb the area somewhat. After this, the surgeon will make a small incision just above where your eyebrows meet your mouth. He or she will then lift the skin on the inside of the “C” and close it up. Once this is done, your forehead should look even more natural, and you’ll have no visible sign of a scar.

Cheek implants are actually a much more common option these days. These are essentially natural-looking implants and can be found in different colors and textures. Your plastic surgeon can tell you which option is best for you based on the results you’re looking to achieve. While cheek implants tend to look good, they are a bit more invasive than that of cheek filler. This means that you may need more than one procedure, and that your recovery time is usually a bit longer than the time involved with an implant.

Natural Appearance of Cheek Implants

If you want the natural look of cheek implants without the hassle of surgery, you’ll need to get injectable fillers. These can be found in both cream and injectable forms and can be used to help lessen signs of aging such as wrinkles and lines. To get the best results, you should use a high quality injectable filler over a course of many weeks. Cheek esthetics that contain botox are also available, but are not as popular as the previously mentioned options. Botox tends to be more effective at tightening and firming the jaw line, and is also much less painful than cheek implants.

Both of these options have their ups and downs. Dermal fillers are more permanent and can help you achieve the younger look that you were after. However, dermal fillers don’t have as long of a shelf life. The results from a collagen injection could be less noticeable in the long run. A Botox injection is a great way to tighten up the face and jawline but is temporary and has to repeat every few months.

Cheek Esthetics, as I am sure you are already aware of, is the cosmetic procedure that involves the beautification of the mouth and face through the application of fillers. A filler is used for the purposes of increasing the prominence of the cheekbones (where a person has high cheekbones) or to give them a more symmetrical appearance. This is not something that should be undertaken lightly, and a consultation with your aesthetician will help you determine if this is the right thing for you.

There are two main types of Cheek Esthetics that one can undergo. The first one is known as a Cheek Implants. This procedure involves inserting a ring, or similar device, into each of the cheek’s natural crevices. These devices are usually made of a very flexible plastic, and the procedure can sometimes be done under local anesthesia. (For those who may have an aversion to pain, local anesthesia may not be an issue; however, the effects of the procedure, such as the resulting swelling, can be quite uncomfortable.)

The second type of Cheek Esthetics is a procedure known as Cheeklift. What is done in Cheeklift is that a long, narrow incision is made into the area between the ears, and the skin is lifted back so that the shape of the cheeks can be mimicked. This is a rather substantial procedure and can usually only be performed under local anesthesia. Afterward, the cheek will probably swell, and any remaining skin will need to be cut away. For this reason, I would recommend that you see a doctor if you are seriously considering undergoing Cheek Esthetics.